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Discover The Popular TriMetrix® EQ Assessment

The TriMetrix® EQ has quickly become one of the most popular assessments available through TTI! Broken down into three areas, the TriMetrix® EQ was created to help individuals examine their strengths and weaknesses  and learn how these are applicable towards job success.

TriMetrix EQ TTI DISC Assessments

Order The TTI Success Insights® DISC

For years, businesses and organizations around the country have come to rely on TTI Success Insights® DISC, one of our most popular products. This assessment helps identify an individual’s preferences in communication and decision making, which helps identify the best job role, the proper sales or marketing strategy, or an individual’s preferred leadership style. It has helped thousands of companies improve sales, customer service, hiring, attrition rates, and overall company culture.

TTI Success Inisghts DISC

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TTI Success Insights® DISC

TTI Success Insights® DISC

TTI Success Insights® DISC is the most popular TTI DISC product on the market and we proudly offer it to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about the TTI Success Insights® DISC Assessment.

12 Driving Forces® (Motivators) DISC

12 Driving Forces® (Motivators) DISC

Discover the “why” behind a persons motivations at work and in life with the 12 Driving Forces®. Speak with a TTI DISC Assessment consultant to discuss if the 12 Driving Forces® is the right product.

TTI Talent Insights™

TTI Talent Insights™ DISC

TTI Talent Insights™ uncovers the driving forces, behaviors, and combination of these factors in an individual.  Speak with our team today about the TTI Talent Insights™ Assessment.

TTI DISC Products

TriMetrix® DNA

Learn More About The TriMetrix DNA

Discover the TriMetrix® DNA and how it examines individuals behavior, driving forces, and more. Learn more about the TriMetrix® DNA today and find out if it is the right fit for you and your organization.

TriMetrix® EQ

TriMetrix EQ TTI DISC Assessments

The TriMetrix® EQ breaks down individual behavior into three areas in order to help individuals understand their perception of the world, decision making, and how these apply to the workplace. Discover the TriMetrix® EQ today.

TriMetrix® HD

TriMetrix HD Order Now

The powerful TriMetrix® HD analyzes individual behavior by utilizing the DISC model, driving forces / motivators, acumen, and competencies all within a single assessment. Find out if the TriMetrix® HD is right for you and your organization.

Emotional Quotient™ (EQ)


Discover the TTI Emotional Quotient™ (EQ) assessment  and how it accurately measures a person’s emotional intelligence. Speak with an Emotional Quotient™ (EQ) consultant today and follow the button to learn more.

Stress Quotient®

TTI Stress Quotient

The Stress Quotient® Assessment is a scientifically proven assessment that quantifies the impact of stressors on a person’s life. Discover the Stress Quotient® today and speak with a consultant.

OD (360) Surveys™

What Are The OD (360) Surveys

The OD (360) Surveys™ allow management to create custom surveys to discover employee effectiveness, performance, and how well individuals do on a team. Learn more about the OD (360) Surveys™ and if they are the right product for you and your organization.

Sales Skills Index™

Order The Sales Skills Index™

The Sales Skills Index™ Assessment ensures an organizations sales people and sales teams will be able to sale successfully in any situation. Learn more about the Sales Skills Index™ and speak with a consultant today.

TTI Target Selling Insights™

TTI Target Selling Insights Assessment

The TTI Target Selling Insights™ Assessment is used to assess a sales person’s knowledge, how they compare to sales professionals, and how to best utilize this knowledge to sell in any enviroment. Follow the link to learn more about the TTI Target Selling Insights™.

Talent Management Plus™ (TMP)


Talent Management Plus™ (TMP) is a data-driven applicant tracking screening system that uses assessments to help find the right person for the right job. This includes job matching, database access, and more.  Find out if the Talent Management Plus™ (TMP) is right for your organization.